Ice skating in Dalarna, Sweden

Ice skating tour in Stjärnsund, Dalarna

Enjoy a skating adventure on lakes Grycken, Fullen and Edsken... Depending on conditions you may be able to skate all 3 lakes in the same day.... up to about a 40 km round trip. 

Our tours include the following:

  • A guide that goes through safety basics and shows you the appropriate places to go
  • Snacks
  • An open fire grill with local ecological beef sauasages and local award winning mustard
  • Warm drinks

A half-day tour is from 9 - 13 and a full day is from 9 - 16. These are approximate times and can change due to weather, people in the group, etc. 

The half-day tour ends with a grill at approx. 12.30. For the full day tour this will be a break and the adventure continues afterwards. Snacks and warm drinks will be available the whole time. 

Skate rental in Dalarna, Sweden

Främby Udde Resort

Skate rental and snowshoe rental
Lunch buffet, coffee, soups and more

250 SEK / day (first day) then 170 SEK / day
590 SEK / week

Tel: 023-19784

Runns Sjöbod: Roxnäs Udde

Skate rental and snowshoe rental

200 SEK the first day and then 100 SEK / day after that

Tel: 073-9907422

Recommended skating equipment

  • Ice claws (this is the most important safety equipment and is a must!)
  • Backpack with waist & chest straps
  • Full change of clothes in waterproof bag (for floatation)
  • Ice tester or double ice tester poles for use as ski poles
  • Safety line attached to waist strap. You need to be able to throw the line without taking off the backpack.
  • Safety whistle
  • Skates (be sure to adjust them before you hit the ice)
  • Snacks and warm drink
  • Helmet
  • Sitting pad 

More information on tour skating

Tour skating is recreational long distance ice skating on natural ice...

Tour skating in Dalarna, Sweden